How do I register ?
Answer: You can register yourself on www.qmaxtest.com in the Log-in section.

Are there any charges for registration ?
Answer: There will be no charges for registering as a buyer on our website.

Do I have to necessarily register to shop on qmaxtest.net ?
Answer: You do not have to necessarily register to shop on our website. you can directly check out and fill in your billing and delivery address.

How to a reset my account password ?
Answer: In the Log-In page, just select forgot password and you will be guided on how to reset your password.

What are the modes of payment ?
Answer: We accept most of the payment modes like online banking, debit and credit cards.

Is it safe to use my Credit / Debit card on qmaxtest.net ?
Answer: We have partnered with Citrus pay, Who is very reliable payment gateway. It is very safe to use your debit / credit cards.

How long does the delivery take ?
Answer: We usually dispatch the product within 1-2 days if the stock is available Else it will be clearly communicated before purchase.

How will the delivery be done ?
Answer: We use trusted courier services like DHL / FedEx.

What are the delivery areas you cover ?
Answer: We will deliver across teh globe to most locations.

What to I do if a item is found damaged / defective ?
Answer: Qmax with either initiate a refund or deliver a replacement product immediately. Please contact support@qmaxtest.com