Part Number: 1-1-49 QE-49 Boundary Scan Trainer Kit Type Name:
Boundary Scan Trainer Kit
Boundary Scan as defined by IEEE STD 1149.1 is an integrated method for testing ICs and its inter-connects on highly complex and dense printed circuit board without using physical test probes
All in one Trainer Kit with USB 2.0 PC interface and User friendly GUI Software to learn the basic of IEEE1149.1 Boundary scan testing principles.

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QUEST QE-49 Boundary Scan Trainer Kit provides a good understanding and hands-on the IEEE1149.1 testing principles namely the scan chain test, interconnect test, non-BS functional testing of logic ICs and combinational or sequential cluster circuits via Boundary scan Devices.
Available. Shipment with in 3 - 4 working days. Price: US$ 2000 Shipping, Insurance and Handling Charges Extra Qty.