Setting standards Steering ahead
Qmax, with its innovative methodologies in test engineering, primarily applied in in-circuit test of electronic components in populated PCBs, Qmax has clearly steered miles ahead in the field, setting standards. Proving total test solutions based on the needs of the industry trends at the right time has made Qmax one of the world's leading PCB test companies. Having carved a niche position in the industry, Qmax is actively involved in its pursuit of designing and developing test equipment for semi-con industry and board functional testers.
Qmax, The journey of success
Qmax was initially founded by Mr. S.R.Sabapathi and Mr. Robert Ng in the May 1992, in Singapore with a dream of transforming as the No.1 Company in the global market in the field of Automated Test Equipment for populated PCB test and semi-con test industry. The founder director Mr. S.R. Sabapathi's abundant experience in the test field with a team of well groomed engineers paved the way in bring out a series of PCB Test Systems, which are all time best in the test industry.
Qmax, in 1993, expanded further with manufacturing and R&D labs. Since its incorporation, Qmax Group has made tremendous progress in the field of design, development and manufacturing of diagnostic and repair equipment for electronic PCB testing. Qmax, has test equipment client lists in U.S.A., U.K., Singapore, France, Germany, Russia, Rumania, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Thailand.