Part Number: 032-01-02
QT15 QNImits Type Name:
QT15 Handheld V-I Signature Tester
Handheld V-I Signature Tester
1)Hand held V-I Signature Tester with Test Probes. 2)In-built Battery operated(3.7V Lithium ion). 3)AC Adaptor suitable for 110V/220V AC 60/50 Hz provided as standard accesory. 4)V-I Signature Tester Freq up to 10KHz.
Ideal for Electronic Repair Shops, In-house or Third party Service Centers,Manufacutring Process Industries,Field Engineers and Technicians
Available. Shipment with in 3 - 4 working days. Price: INR. 72995 Shipping, Insurance and Handling Charges Extra Qty.