Part Number: PP906
2204A Picoscope with Probes Type Name:
Picoscope with Probes
PC oscilloscope - 2 Channels with FG/AWG, 10 Mhz and probes included. Comes with standard accessories.
The Picoscope 2204 is portable usb based oscilloscope with FG/AWG.
These compact, inexpensive oscilloscopes have all the power you need for your application, whether it’s design, research, test, education, service or repair. They are available with bandwidths from 10 MHz to 200 MHz and offer the features and performance of scopes that are several times their size — and their price.
Available. Shipment with in 3 - 4 working days. Price: INR. 14700 Shipping, Insurance and Handling Charges Extra Qty.